Graviora Manent

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“Whether or not they were willing to admit it, all humans were self-contained and alone. The wisest and hardiest among them managed to acknowledge that fact and surpass it. More experienced adults had found ways to cope, but many if not most felt it still. Younger adults suspected it deep in their bones and cried out for significance. Some retreated from that insecurity as a matter of survival. Some covered their insecurity with talk. Or food. Or athletics. Or addictions. Or ridiculous attention to garner affection…Who was the skateboarder practicing in the rails by his condo, really? A young man who was ready to begin really living because he wasn’t yet satisfied with who he was? Life for him was still practice for some real test, which lay a month or a year or maybe five years away. When he passed it, his peers would appreciate him. Cherish him even. He would find his significance. Problem was, that day would never arrive. Everyone was still either telling themselves it was all just around the corner, or they were living with the haunting suspicion that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was all a fantasy. That in reality they were alone in a jungle and the rainbows were just illusions. So then, life was really just a mind game, wasn’t it? And most people were handicapped. Mentally. *Ill*.”

—   Ted Dekker, ‘The Bride Collector’
  • 17 January 2013
  • 36